MR Program Screenshots - work in progress

Opening Screen - Look at all those options!

First, let's build the board

Once you build teh board, it tells you which season you are in (handy if you made it random and how many VPs you must allocate. This screen cycles through the number of players playing.

The Wizard selction screen. Note he still needs to selct his second spell and VPs. Also note how he has enchanted two of his Magic chits.

Amazon's selection screen allows here to choose where her stuff is coming from. Inventory is handled!!

Once all the players have chosen characters it is time to selct the mission/visitor chits. this is the result after clicking Random. Secret is more fun - since you won't know until they show up.

Every new month starts with this message.

And every new Week with this one (note by the map and the "referee windoid" this is a different game that one one above)

Time for the Amazon to select her actions for the day:

The weizard is about to Search - he's unhidden after his moves (look at the text on the right)

Hmm... I think I'll peer

Hey let's check the Amazon inventory - what does that Short Sword do again?