Info Card Texts

The GENESIS expansion features 11 "Info Cards" which are used to convey new rules, clarifications and other vital information to Dark Eden players.

Each of these cards is absolutely free! You do not pay for them. They are a free 16th card in each booster pack. Here are the texts of all the Info cards that contain information every Dark Eden player needs.



Dark, neolithic citadels have been sighted across the world, as the first deadly tendrils of the Dark Symmetry stretch out to corrupt the new races. And where the Dark Symmetry works its power, the Brotherhood is ever present. Operating from a base hidden in the ruins of Jerusalem, they prepare for the struggle to come, having foreseen that the final battle between light and darkness will take place not on the new worlds but on the old. The Cardinal's forces chart the progress of the darkness and the native peoples, ever wary of another world falling to the Dark Symmetry; making sure that the Corporate forces don't move too quickly, and claim too much. The Megacorporations themselves have sent their bravest to chart and explore the changed continents. Some with more success than others. But this world is still developing and both the Dark Legion and Brotherhood have yet to gain a firm foothold. It is a time for the new races to war and expand - to create new kingdoms and new hopes. It is a time of Genesis.


With their rigid structure and belief in personal honor, Mishima's forces have had more success than the other corporations among the people of Crescentia. They tread carefully, suspecting the Brotherhood to have a base on Crescentian land. Their agents are also at work in the Rasputin court, trying to gain favor with the Tsar and Obersts. Once Mishima and the Templars maintained a strong relationship, even going as far as Mishima incorporating Templar warriors in their off-world campaigns. But following the rise in power of Veragé, Mishima influence has suffered in Templar society, forcing them to spend more effort allying themselves with Crescentia.

Cybertronic have the smallest force on Dark Eden but potentially the most powerful. The problem they face is exactly what makes their potential so strong. Most of the relatively primitive societies of Dark Eden do not trust cyborgs. They have had some dealing with the Rasputins, specifically one Oberst seeking favor in court, but it is the Templars who have provided the best ally Cybertronic has so far found. The Templars consider the Cybertronic warriors to be more evolved than humans; perhaps even kindred spirits who are part of the natural evolution of the race.


Always a fractured organization, Imperial has emissaries scattered across Dark Eden. Some have met with more success than others. At least one Conquistador has been sighted in the Rasputin court, seeking to win the favor of the Tsar. Others have been seen trading with Crescentia but by far the largest group have been seen in the Lutheran Triad Isles. It is hardly surprising as the Isles are Imperial's ancient homeland and some of the more noble Clan leaders can still trace their ancestry back to some of the Isles' ancient sites. Their social structure and background parallels that of the Lutheran Triad. Only their religion differs...but until Imperial forces are in a position to seize control of one of the new kingdoms, the emissaries are more than willing to tell Triad Patriarchs that even their faiths are the same.

While Bauhaus has no official headquarters on Dark Eden, their emissaries have enjoyed the best success in the Rasputin court. Rasputin soldiers have been sighted alongside Bauhaus troops off-world, as well as Bauhaus Ulfwerners returning the favor by storming into secret conflicts with Rasputin cavalry. In return, Bauhaus has been allowed a foothold in Europe and sided themselves with one of the most powerful new tribes. With their own ancestral power-base deep in the Prussian heart-land, it is a bond that could grow stronger. The Dark Legion's almost constant aggression against the Rasputins allows the Bauhaus representatives a vital opportunity to teach the Obersts what they want them to know of the Dark Symmetry.


The Dead Sea hides a secret. Concealed under a thick crust of darkened salt that now resembles soil, the forces of Capitol have secretly constructed a heavily fortified citadel to help further their exploration of the new world. Capitol is by far the most prevalent off-world power on Dark Eden. While the Cartel arranges treaties among the Megacorporations on Dark Eden, Capitol knows that the best form of defense is a strong offense. If they do not establish and fortify themselves - and find allies among the new tribes - the other corporations surely will. Secretly trading with the Lutherans, Rasputins, and Crescentia, Capitol's forces are more than prepared to sweep across the continent and seize control by any means necessary.

In a vain attempt to bring order to the encroaching chaos, the Cartel works vigilantly to unite the Corporate forces against the Dark Legion horde. Working in unison with the Brotherhood, the Cartel makes bold attempts to throw aside the petty bickering of the Megacorps and focuses on the true enemy of humankind. Completely distrustful of all the native affiliations, the Cartel focuses primarily on the continuous interplanetary conflict with the Dark Soul. Employing pan-corporate forces, mighty Doomtrooper squads, and covert Freelancers, the Cartel is a small but powerful force on Dark Eden.


Upgrades are placed on existing Establishment and Commander cards to give them added bonuses and capabilities. There are two types of Upgrade. ESTABLISHMENT UPGRADES are attached to Establishments and affect their structure, production or personnel. COMMANDER UPGRADES are attached to Commander cards and give them various bonuses. There are three LEVELS of Upgrade. The higher the Level, the more powerful the Upgrade tends to be.

You may place Upgrades on your cards that may have them during your Perform Actions step. Each card may only receive one Upgrade card per your turn. Level 1 Upgrades may be played on any card. Level 2 Upgrades may only be played on cards that already have Level 1 Upgrades on them. Level 3 Upgrades may only be played on cards that already have Level 2 Upgrades on them.

An Establishment or Commander may not have more than one copy of a specific LEVEL of Upgrade (for example, a Commander may not have two LEVEL 2 COMMANDER UPGRADES, even different ones) The effects of all Upgrades on a card are cumulative.

Upgrades are NOT considered attachments, and are unaffected by cards that affect attachments.


If an Upgrade modifies the CV of a card, it recalculates the base CV. Therefore, a DEEP MINE (CV: 10) with an Upgrade that provides +3 to CV is considered to have a base CV of 13 (it is also worth 13 VPs). All other modifiers are applied to this new base CV.

When an Establishment is razed, an Upgrade is removed before the Establishment itself. Likewise, when a Commander is razed, the razing player may choose to remove an Upgrade instead of one of the other options. Only one Upgrade is removed per razing, and higher-level Upgrades are removed before lower-level Upgrades of the same type. Once all Upgrades are removed from an Establishment, it may be razed as normal. The player keeps the Upgrade card with his or her razed Establishments, and earns VP markers as if razing a Commander.

For example, a DEEP MINE with a LEVEL 1 and LEVEL 2 UPGRADE is razed. The razing player must remove the LEVEL 2 UPGRADE. The LEVEL 1 UPGRADE remains. The razing player earns VPs equal to the current base CV of the base card with the LEVEL 2 UPGRADE.


This card expands the CASTING ART SPELLS rules in the basic rulebook. Each ART SPELL has a Casting Cost, which reflects the general power of the spell. The higher the Casting Cost, the more powerful the spell tends to be.

To cast a spell, a Spellcaster must provide as much mental strength as the Casting Cost listed on the spell card. All Spellcasters have a "Mental Strength" which is equal to the BASE Combat Value of the warrior. For example, an Art spell with a Casting Cost of 4 may only be cast by a Spellcaster with a base CV of 4 or higher. Cards which increase a warrior's CV do NOT increase its Mental Strength - only cards which specifically state they increase a warrior's Mental Strength have such an effect.

Most Art Spells are one-shot effects, and are discarded immediately after casting. A warrior's Mental Strength is not "used up" between castings. Therefore, a Spellcaster with a CV of 3 may cast a spell with a Cost of 3, and then immediately cast another spell with a Cost of 3.

If a spell remains in play (which will be noted on the card), the Spellcaster may MAINTAIN it by continuously providing Mental Strength to the spell. Therefore, a Spellcaster may only cast a spell if it has "surplus" Mental Strength to devote to a Casting Cost. For example, a Spellcaster with a CV of 5 casts a spell with a Cost of 3 and which remains in play. While that spell is in play, the Spellcaster may only cast spells that Cost 2 or less. If the Spellcaster is discarded, any Spells it is maintaining are discarded as well.


This expansion features a few new designations for Establishments. Commanders with these designations are bound by the same rules.

Unless it has one of the following designations, an Establishment or Commander is considered INLAND. All the Establishments and Commanders in the Dark Eden basic set are considered Inland. An Establishment with one of the following designations is considered MARINE instead of Inland:

COASTAL - Some Establishments are located right on a coastline. A COASTAL Establishment must dedicate at least one of its Neighbor edges to a Marine Establishment, and at least one of its Neighbor edges to an Inland Establishment.

FLOATING - Some Establishments are surrounded by water, and may not be adjacent to land-based Establishments. A FLOATING Establishment may only be adjacent to Marine Establishments. FLOATING Establishments may never be raided by Land.

SUBMERGED - Some Establishments are actually under water. SUBMERGED Establishments may only be adjacent to Marine Establishments. SUBMERGED Establishments may never be raided by Land or by Air and may only be raided by warriors able to SUBMERGE.

All warriors that are considered Sailors (even those in the Dark Eden basic set) may SUBMERGE, except Sailor VEHICLES, which may not unless the card says otherwise. An Attack or Defense Group may SUBMERGE only if all its members may SUBMERGE.

Marine Establishment are never affected by the COASTLINE card, and Inland Establishments with the COASTLINE card attached to them are NOT considered COASTAL (due to potential game-play problems).


¥ When an attachment is discarded or annihilated, any effect it provides to its base card stops. In other words, the effects of an attachment is only valid while the card is attached. This is true of any card. As soon as a card leaves play, any effects it provides immediately stop.

¥ You may only collect "surplus" resources at the end of your Balance step, AFTER all the cards in your Dominion have been balanced. This is usually Gold, but also includes surplus resources placed on Establishments designated as STORAGE. You may not, therefore, collect surplus Gold before a warrior's Food requirement is met, in order to use the Gold to pay for the needed FD icons.

¥ If two adjacent Establishments affect one another so each must be attacked before the other (for example, BARRICADE next to MINEFIELD), then the effects cancel between those cards and a raider may choose which to attack.

¥ Most Megacorp warriors are designated as MEMBERS of a specific corporation. These memberships are not considered affiliations. They are simply a sub-set of the Megacorp affiliation. Warriors who gain the Megacorp affiliation never gain any MEMBER status.

¥ If the only Establishments in a Turf are those that may not be raided BY ANY MEANS (for example, an IMPERVIOUS ROCK FORMATION), then the Commander may be raided.


This game variant may only be played during team games, and only if all players agree. During an Epic Conflict game, each team works together to build and maintain a single Dominion. During this game it is convenient for team mates to sit together, but it is vital that players alternate their turns. For example, the turn order for a game between three 2-player teams would be:

Team A Player 1; Team B Player 1; Team C Player 1; Team A Player 2; Team B Player 2; Team C Player 2; Team A Player 1; etc.

During the Place Commanders portion of Setting Up, all the Commanders of a single team are placed adjacently, in any manner the team sees fit (adjacent Commanders affect each other, and their effects are cumulative). The Turf is built around them. They share a single Warband and Borderlands. A player completely controls the Dominion during his or her turn. All team mates share ALL the special abilities of ALL their Commanders (but not affiliations).

A player must still play cards of the same affiliation as his or her OWN Commander, or the General affiliation (unless, of course, the player or his or her team mate builds an EMBASSY). Once cards are in play, all members of the team, and their forces, are affected by them. Warriors in a team's Dominion may attack and raid during each team mate's turn. Defense Groups disband at the beginning of each team mate's turn. Cards that remain in effect "until the beginning of your next turn" only last until the beginning of your team mate's next turn.