Updated 5/14/97


Tournament Officials

All official tournaments must have a Head Judge who may be assisted by one or more Assistant Referees. None of the Tournament Officials may participate in the tournament. Judges may have to interpret rules, terminate a game that has gone over the time limit or any other adjuration during the tournament. The Head Judge is responsible for reporting results to the sponsor.

Tournament officials have every right to change these tournament rules to suit their tournament needs. The officials are expected to announce all changes an ample amount of time before the tournament begins (preferably on announcements and during signup). Major changes should be approved by Target Games AB (e-mail: darkeden@target.se).

Card Protection

Plastic sleeves and other protection for cards are allowed as long as the Head Judge and all players participating in the game permit it and that every card in the deck has identical protection so as no card will be marked.


All rules from the most current edition of the basic set of Dark Eden apply unless overuled by the latest FAQ, information cards (found in expansions) or these tournament rules. The latest FAQ and information card texts can be found at this web site.

Treat all cards as if they have the card texts and Combat Values from the most current edition of the basic set.

During "Step 1: Place Commanders" of Setting Up, if two or more players are using the same Commander, they do NOT switch play decks. However, they may NOT take the initial 5 Gold Units as mandated in "Step 6: Form Individual Gold Reserves" of Setting Up.

The following rule is added to Setting Up, and occurs after "Step 3: Form Discard Pile:"

Step 3a) Form Annihilated Pile - Each player takes the top 1 card of their draw deck and places it in their annihilated pile. Do not look at this card. Like the discard pile, a player's annihilated pile is kept FACE-DOWN, No player may look through his or her annihilated pile, nor any other player's.

During a player's Balance Step, he or she may only collect "surplus" resources (either excess Gold or other resources to be placed on a STORAGE card) at the end of the Balance Step, after ALL cards have been Balanced. This means, for example, that surplus Gold may not be collected and then immediately used to pay for needed Food icons.

During the first complete turn of the game (i.e. all players have taken their first turn), no player may perform a Raid Step.

Beginning and Winning

Decide by lot which player begins.

During all games, the first player to reach 50 Victory Points is the winner.

Time Limit

Time Limit for each game is decided by the organizer of the tournament. Rule questions and other instances involving tournament official interaction stops the clock. Semi-finals and the final games should never be terminated because of overtime.

Players should be warned when there are 15, 10 and 5 minutes remaining. If a game is not completed by the decided time limits, the game immediately ends after the current player's turn and the player with the most Victory Points wins. In the event of a tie, the tied player with the most Establishments in his or her control is declared the winner. If the tied players have an equal number of Establishments in play, the tied players continue playing until each has completed three more full turns.

Collection, Playing Deck and Side Bar

Before the tournament begins, each player must present a list with all the cards in his Collection to the Referee.

The Collection must be divided into 1 Commander, a Playing Deck of at least 60 cards (no upper limit) and a Side Bar of exactly 25 cards. If you don't wish to have a Side Bar, your entire Collection is your Playing Deck, and must remain your Playing Deck throughout the tournament.

The Side Bar may contain Commander cards. A player is allowed to switch Commander cards between games.

You may change the composition of your Playing Deck and the Side Bar between games, but you may not change the composition of your Collection during the course of a tournament. Your Side Bar must always contain exactly 25 cards at the start of each game (if you have one).

All cards in your collection must consist of cards from the same language edition, i.e. its not allowed to mix for example English and German cards.

Collection Contruction

The number of copies of each card in your collection is mandated by the following allowances, in this order:

1) Banned cards may not be used at all.
2) Restricted cards are limited to 1 copy per collection.
3) Limits imposed or permitted by card texts (e.g. NO DECK LIMIT).
4) All other cards are limited to 5 copies per collection.


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