Symbol: Divine Power

Weight/Vulnerability: Medium

   Move M5   Fight M5   Move M4*

Servant of Good
   Blessed Sword*, Spell (I)
   Move H5*   Fight H6   Magic I7**

Holy Avenger
   0 Gold, Holy Sword**, Spell (I)
   Fly H5**   Fight H4**   Fight H5*

   0 Gold, Holy Sword**, Spell (I)
   Fly H6*   Magic I7**   Aura T6**

Begins at: Chapel

Special Advantages:

   1. Aura of Good: She counts as a permanent source of White colour.

   2. Heavenly Protection: Can increase ability to take damage to Tremendous by playing Aura counter.

   * Blessed Sword: Same as Short Sword, with a value of 0 Gold.
   ** Holy Sword: Same as Bustard Sword, with a value of 0 Gold.


   Friendly: Order

Designer: John Hickman

Designer's notes:

The Angel is meant to be a powerful character, with a big disadvantage. Whether she is balanced, I don't know. She can fly, fight well, resist damage and cast White magic. But as she ascends, she discards worldly goods (gold) and thus is limited in a lot of ways. Type I magic users might want to hang around her, but since she can fly she might not want to hang round them!