Beast Master


Symbol: Bear Track

Weight/Vulnerability: Medium

Child of the Wild
   Move M5   Move M4*   Fight M5

Animal Trainer
   Staff, Wolf hireling (count as if hired at PRICEx1 on Day 0)
   Move M4*   Move M3**   Fight M4*

   Light Bow, Wolf hireling (count as if hired at PRICEx1 on Day 0)
   Move M4*   Fight M4*   Fight H5**

Beast Master
   Light Bow, Pony(M4/M5)*, Wolf hireling (count as if hired at PRICEx1 on Day 0)
   Fight T6*   Fight T5**   Move H4**

* Begins with M4/M5 Pony. Should that pony not be available, use the following order to determine which pony the Beast Master starts with: M3/M5 M3/M4 M2/M5. Should no ponies be available, the Beast Master begins with 12 extra gold.

Begins at: Any woods clearing

Special Advantages:

   1. Animal Friendship: He may treat any light or medium animals (only Vipers and Wolves in the standard set) as friendly natives. If he hires them, consider the Gold as spent on food. All animals hired by the Beast Master can follow the Beast Master even when the Beast Master is riding a pony.

   2. Podo and Kodo: The Beast Master has two pet ferrets, which act as a team, who relay information to the Beast Master. The Ferrets are considered as an invisible seacher (can Locate only), and can be moved seperately.


   Friendly: Lancers, Bashkars
   Unfriendly: Scholar, Patrol, Woodfolk

Designer: John Hickman

Designer's notes:

The Beast master is obviously a ranger type character. I liked the idea of him running round with a pack of wolves at his heal.