Weight/Vulnerability: Heavy

   Move H6   Move H5*   Fight L4

   Move H4**   Fight L3*   Fight M5

   Move T6*   Fight H6   Fight M3**

   Move H5*   Fight H5*   Fight M4*

Begins at: Inn

Special Advantages:

   1. Bouncer: When he is at a Non-campfire Dwelling, in the evening he may chose to treat any whole group of Natives there as his Hirelings. He doesn't lose any Notoriety when any of his Hirelings are killed, unless he does it. Each evening he spends at a Non-Campfire Dwelling where there are natives being treated as his hirelings, he earns 1g for each group.

   2. Unarmed Combat: He may place a fight chit without a weapon. It has 0 length, but inflicts damage equal to its weight.


   Ally: Patrol
   Friendly: Guard
   Unfriendly: Rogues, Company, Soldiers

Designer: John Hickman

Designer's notes:

The Bouncer is rather an oddity, as he's not really a fantasy character (although I could see him cropping up in an episode of Xena, Warrior Princess). He was done as a response to the thread about everyone beating up the rogues (and other natives). Hanging round dwellings, protecting them might not turn out to be that useful, but he could hire the patrol to go off exploring. I removed his ability to use chits without weapons, as that seems a more fitting ability for a martial artist (or someone with big hooves), and gave him a big club instead.

Note, even though some natives don't like him, they won't attack him if he is bouncing for them as he's treating them as his Hirelings.