Symbol: Thieves are operating in this area

Weight/Vulnerability: Light

Pick Pocket
   Move L2**   Move L3*   Move L4

Cut Purse
   Leather Helmet*
   Move L3*   Fight L4   Fight L3*

   Short Sword, Leather Breastplate**
   Move L2**   Move L3*   Fight M5

   Short Sword, Leather Armor***
   Move M4**   Fight M4*   Fight M3**

   * Leather Helmet: A helmet of L weight/vulnerability, with gold value of 0
   ** Leather Breastplate: A breastplate of L weight/vulnerability, with gold value of 0
   *** Leather Armor: A suit of armor of L weight/vulnerability, with gold value of 0

Begins at: Inn, Chapel, House or Guardhouse

Special Advantages:

   1. Loner: Burglar may not use the Hire activity.

   2. Thief Skills: These may only be used if he is hidden. Make an Ambush roll each time he uses them, and if it fails, make a Block/Battle roll if it was used against Natives.
      A: Burglary. He may treat any roll of a Price on the Meeting Table as "Boon", for any item or Treasure that he can carry without using a Horse. Obviously the Natives didn't actually give him a gift, but it has the right effect.
      B: Pick Pocket. He may take 1 Light or Negligible weight item or Treasure, or 1g from any character that he could have blocked who can't see hidden enemies. He can choose from active items, or take a random inactive item. If none, he gets none, but still has to make the Ambush roll.
      C: Backstab. He may Ambush with any Light Weapon or a Dagger.
      D: Lockpicking (Doesn't need to be hidden). He doesn't need the Lost Keys to Open the Chest or to Fatigue a T chit to Search the Vault.


   Ally: Scholar
   Unfriendly: Guard, Order, Soldiers
   Enemy: Patrol

Designer: John Hickman

Designer's notes:

The Burglar tries to add a proper thief to the realm. Players who like rogue type characters often take the Swordsman, as he's the closest fit, but he is actually more like a Swashbuckler. I think you'd have to be skilful to pull off his array of different abilities, especially as other characters are going to be wary of having him around. Note he has Light Leather armour, so a Light hit would damage it, and a medium hit would destroy it.