Symbol: Gold Bar

Weight/Vulnerability: Medium

El Nino
   Move M4*   Move H6   Fight M4*

   Short Sword
   Move H5*   Fight M5   Fight H4**

   Short Sword, Helmet, Breastplate
   Move H4**   Fight H5*   Fight H4**

   Crossbow, Helmet, Breastplate
   Move T6**   Fight H5*   Fight H6

Begins at: Inn or House

Special Advantages:

   1. God-like Aura: Human monsters (giants, ogres and goblins) cannot be assigned to the Conquistador on the first round of combat each day. In later rounds they are assigned normally.

   2. Greed:
      2.1 The Conquistador must assign extra victory points to gold. For each week of game length, the Conquistador must assign an additional 1/6 of a victory point (5 gold). For example, in a standard game of one month, the Conquistador must assign 4/6 points (20 gold) in addition to the normal 5 victory points.
      2.2 The Conquistador subtracts one from each die he rolls whenever he rolls on the Loot table.


   Ally: Company, Soldiers
   Friendly: Guard, Order
   Unfriendly: Rogues
   Enemy: Lancers, Woodfolk, Bashkars

Designer: Kevin Shugars

Designer's notes: