Description: This shy and elusive creature of the forest has come to the Realm seeking long lost magics and mysteries. She is at home in the forest, knowing well its secrets. Due to her elusive nature she is often overlooked by the denizens of the Realm. However, when other characters are about, their clumsy crashing about often draws unwanted attention, so she is best served wandering off to a quiet corner on her own.

Symbol: Wood

Weight/Vulnerability: Light

   Spell (II or III)
   Magic II4*   Magic III4*   Magic III4*

   Spell (II or III)
   Fight L4   Move L4   Move L3*

   Two Spells (II or III)
   Magic II4*   Magic II3**   Magic III3**

   Two Spells (II or III)
   Fight L3*   Fight L3*   Move L2**

Begins at: Inn or House

Special Advantages:

   1. Tracking Skills: The Dryad rolls one die instead of two whenever she uses the HIDE table, the MEETING table or any SEARCH table while she is in one of the six tiles labeled "WOODS" (specifically, the DEEP WOODS, LINDEN WOODS, MAPLE WOODS, NUT WOODS, OAK WOODS and PINE WOODS). She does not get this advantage in other tiles, even when she is in woods clearings In those tiles.

   2. Peace with Nature: When the Dryad ends her turn, the Warning and Sound chits in her tile do not summon monsters.
      2.1 If the map chits in her tile are face down she reveals them normally, but she turns the Warning and Sound chits face down again to show they have not summoned monsters yet (chits are turned face up only if they have had the opportunity to summon monsters). The chits react normally when anyone else ends his turn in the tile.
      2.2 PEACE WITH NATURE does not affect Dwellings, Site chits and Site cards, and it does not affect the DRAGON ESSENCE Treasure card. When the Dryad ends her turn in a tile that contains one of these pieces, it summons denizens normally.


   Ally: Woodfolk
   Friendly: Lancers
   Unfriendly: Company, Crone
   Enemy: Bashkars

Designer: Deric Page

Designer's notes:

Created as a potential ally to the Druid, I expect her to work best under similar conditions (solo or working with the Druid). She should be able to avoid most fights and would probably serve as an excellent scout for a more combat-oriented group of characters. While they equip themselves at the dwellings, she could be seeking out treasure sites for them to raid.