Weight/Vulnerability: Heavy

   Move H6   Fight H6   Fight H5*

   Light Bow
   Fight T6*   Fight T7   Fight H4**

   Shield, Great Sword
   Move T7   Fight T4**   Fight T5**

   Shield, Great Sword
   Charge T4*   Fight T3***   Fight H3***

Begins at: Inn

Special Advantages:

   1. Oblivious to Damage:
      1.1 The Gaesati may still use chits to fight or maneuver when they are wounded. He cannot fatigue them. A chit that is fatigued or wounded may not be used. If he has no chits to pay for fatigue (because he fought with wounded chits) then he passes out and dies if anything is currently on his sheet, or comes onto his sheet later in the combat. When all his chits are wounded, he finally realizes he is dead.
      1.2 He may not wear a suit of armor, a helmet or a breastplate.

   2. Naked Energy:
      2.1 Gaesati's per round limit of asterisks is increased by one. He still fatigues another asterisk for the extra one if used.
      2.2 He gets a Charge T4* chit, which is a move chit that mayonly be used to stop characters from running or in the Charge direction.


   Friendly: Bashkars
   Unfriendly: Company

Designer: John Hickman

Designer's notes:

The Gaesati historically were a tribe of warriors from Gaul who fought fanatically, and naked, and took horrible wounds but still kept fighting. I've changed him from the originally suggested Fanatic, as I had a different sort of character in mind.