Grave Robber


Symbol: Shovel

Weight/Vulnerability: Light

   Move L4   Move M4*   Fight L3*

Creepy Guy
   Move M3**   Move L3*   Fight L4

Trash Rummager
   Short Sword
   Fight M4*   Fight M3**   Fight M4*

Grave Robber
   Short Sword, Spell (V)
   Fight M5   Magic V6**   Break T7**

Begins at: Inn or Guardhouse

Special Advantages:

   1. Ingenuity: Grave Robber has a Break T7** chit: Can be used in the encounter step as an action to break open one "place": Vault, Crypt of the Knight, or Chest. If the Grave Robber is targeted during the melee step, then the Break does not succeed (chit must still be fatigued), otherwise at the end of the melee step the place is opened. When successfully used for opening a place, the Break chit immediately becomes wounded. When used in the encounter step, the whole chit must be fatigued or wounded; no "change" is given back.

   2. Trained Eye:
      2.1 Grave Robber subtracts one from each die he rolls whenever he rolls on the Locate Table or on any of the Treasures within Treasures tables.
      2.2 Grave Robber subtracts one from each die he rolls on the Loot table when looting an abandoned pile of items which are in a clearing where a character has died.


   Ally: Crone
   Friendly: Rogues, Bashkars
   Unfriendly: Order
   Enemy: Patrol

Designer: Kevin Shugars

Designer's notes: