Green Knight

Description: An accomplished fighter and mage, this malignant being's existence relies on secrecy and illusion, and ultimately revels in the destruction of his numerous enemies.

Symbol: Mirage

Weight/Vulnerability: Medium

   Broadsword, Helmet, Breastplate, Shield
   Move M5*   Move M6   Fight M5*

   Broadsword, Helmet, Breastplate, Shield
   Move H6*   Fight M4**   Fight H6*

   Axe, Breastplate, Helmet, Spell (IV, VI or VIII)
   Magic IV5*   Magic VI4*   Magic VIII4*

Green Knight
   Axe, Helmet, Breastplate, Two Spells (IV, V, VI or VIII)
   Fight M6   Magic V4*   Magic V5*

Begins at: Inn or Large Campfire

Special Advantages:

   1. Secrets: Knows the location of all secret passages.

   2. Illusory Aura: The tile in which the Green Knight is located is always affected by the Illusion spell. The Green Knight is immune to the effects, but his hirelings are not.


   Friendly: Bashkars, Rogues, Crone
   Unfriendly: Guard, Patrol
   Enemy: Order

Designer: Brian Sharwood

Designer's notes:

This character is modeled after the character of the same name in the movie Sword of the Valiant played most excellently by Sean Connery. The movie is based upon the story of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight.

The different strategies available to this character are too numerous to mention. Just try not to be all things at once, and pick your battles very carefully.

Do not over-rate your Illusory Aura too much, as you may find it also has a down side. Other characters are less likely to team with you, and if you get in the way of too many characters, you may find yourself as a target for extinction.

Should the Green Knight decide to begin play at the Large Campfire, simply reveal all of the woods chits, and place the Large Campfire; then re-mix the remaining chits and place then randomly onto the remaining woods tiles.