Symbol: Independent Wanderings

Weight/Vulnerability: Medium

Gypsy Girl
   Move M5   Move M4*   Fight L4

   Move M3**   Fight L3*   Fight L2**

Fortune Teller
   Workhorse, Spell (II, III or VIII)
   Magic II5*   Magic III5*   Magic VIII6*

   Workhorse, Two Spells (II, III, V, VII, VIII, plus the Curse spell)
   Magic II6*   Magic V5*   Magic VII6*

Begins at: Small Campfire* or Large Campfire*

   * After choosing starting location, Gypsy may secretly examine the chits in each Woods tile (except Deep Woods), anf for the Campfire that she has chosen to start at, turn over that chit, and place the Campfire and Gypsy.

Special Advantages:

   1. Traveller: Gypsy gets an extra move phase each day (in addition to any from riding a horse).

   2. Crystal Ball: She may use Peer or Spell phases in any hex.


   Ally: Bashkars
   Friendly: Rogues, Woodfolk, Crone
   Unfriendly: Guard, Scholar, Warlock
   Enemy: Patrol

Designer: John Hickman

Designer's notes:

The Gypsy is a classic stereotype. Lots of different possibilities with her I hope. Note she has one fixed spell choice, and Curse is a spell most people wouldn't pick, but it is very in character for her. I didn't give her a precognition ability (that had gone to the Psychic), but then fortune tellers are fake anyway. She can cast the spell if she can get Purple colour.