Weight/Vulnerability: Light

   Move L4   Move L3   Fight L4

   Move L2**   Fight L3*   Fight L2**

   Move M4*   Fight L3   Fight M3**

   Move M3**   Fight M3*   Chi L2*

Begins at: Inn or Chapel

Special Advantages

   1. Meditation: Monk can record an extra REST phase each day.

   2. Chi Mastery: Monk has a special CHI L2* chit, which can be played as a weapon (L2* both sides), or in a shield box (M armor). He still must play MOVE and FIGHT chits normally, and must still adhere to the two asterisk limit. As a weapon, the CHI chit does L harm plus a sharpness star. By playingan M strength FIGHT chit, he can increase the harm one level. As a shield, the CHI chit reduces damage by 1 sharpness star. Any resulting harm done to the CHI shield is resolved as follows: Negligible or Light harm does nothing, Medium harm causes him one wound, and Heavy or Tremendous harm wounds his CHI chit.


   Ally: ?
   Friendly: ?
   Unfriendly: ?
   Enemy: ?

Designer: John Frenzel

Designer's notes: