Symbol: Mystical Star

Weight/Vulnerability: Medium

   Move M5   Move M4*   Fight L4

   Spell (VI)
   Magic VI6*   Fight L3*   Move M3**

   Spell (I or VI)
   Magic I7*   Magic VI5*   Magic VI6*

   Two Spells (I, IV or VI)
   Magic I5**   Magic I6*   Magic IV6*

Begins at: Chapel or House

Special Advantages:

   1. Mystical Protection: She is immune to Curses. At the start of a board set up, she may choose one type of monster (E.g. Dragons, Goblins, Demons etc), and is immune to that monster for the whole of that board set up.

   2. Meditation: The mystic may record the meditation activity (Md). If she records this for an entire day, and is not blocked or battled during that day, on the following two days she may record two activities per phase unless they are not available due to weather.


   Friendly: Order, Woodfolk
   Unfriendly: Bashkars, Rogues, Crone

Designer: John Hickman

Designer's notes:

I not sure what was going in my mind when I thought of the Mystic. She is a spell caster with an interesting combination of magic types. I'm not sure how her abilities would work out in practice either, so she needs to be tested. For the meditation, she would need to find somewhere quiet to do it, where something isn't going to come along and disturb her. That seems to fit. As for the monster immunity, I can already think of some ways to exploit it.