Symbol: The Dead Man's Skull

Weight/Vulnerability: Medium

   Move M5   Move M4*   Fight L4

Minion of Evil
   Spell (V)
   Magic V6*   Magic V6*   Magic V6*

Servant of Darkness
   Two Spells (V)
   Magic V6*   Magic V6*   Magic V6*

   Three Spells (V)
   Magic V6*   Magic V6*   Magic V6*

Begins at: In clearing with Ghosts

Special Advantages:

   1. Underworld Connections: He treats Demons, Imps and Ghosts as Allied Natives.

   2. Necromancy: If black colour is available (a chit can be fatigued), he may use a SP phase, to take one currently dead monster (except Demons and Ghosts) or native to his clearing as an animated corpse. Treat it as a Hireling. This costs gold equal to the monsters notoriety or the natives normal cost x1. It will decay into nothing after 7 days. Once an animated corpse is killed or decays, it is not available to be animated again, until it has reappeared and been killed again. He may only have one animated corpse at a time, and loses N if it is killed. Attacks against animated corpses get one less sharpness star, in addition to any stars lost due to the corpses armour. None missile attacks against animated corpses that initially have no sharpness stars do one extra level of damage.

   * Shovel: Same as Short Sword, with a gold value of 4 Gold


   Ally: Crone
   Unfriendly: Order, Lancers, Scholar, Warlock

Designer: John Hickman

Designer's notes:

The Necromancer joins the array of bad guys. Note that he is too heavy to use a broomstick, and if you look at his choice of spells, Ask Demon suddenly becomes one he might choose.

In a HIDMR game, I think that he would only find out what is dead when he records a SP phase to try and animate something, and if there is nothing there he can raise it's tough. But this would compensate for the extra bit of knowledge he'd find out about what has been killed.