Symbol: Cave

Weight/Vulnerability: Heavy

   Move H6   Move H5*   Fight H6

   Helmet, Axe
   Move H5*   Fight H5*   Fight H5*

   Helmet, Shield, Axe
   Move H6   Move H4**   Fight H4**

   Helmet, Shield, Axe
   Move H4**   Fight H6   Fight H4**

Begins at: Any cave clearing

Special Advantages:

   1. Underground Home: He is allowed to, but may only, record sunlight phases in Cave clearings.

   2. Monstrous: Instead of being automatically blocked and battled by monsters, he rolls on the meeting table as if they were Neutral natives to see if they actually block/battle him. In addition, he may treat Goblins, Giants and Ogres as Neutral Natives for the purpose of Hiring.


   Enemy: All natives and visitors

Designer: John Hickman

Designer's notes:

I had the idea for the Orc a long while back, i.e. a character that likes monsters, but hates natives. I'm interested to see how this would work in practice. He is good at skulking around in Caves too, as he is quite happy to spend "sunlight" time underground.