Symbol: ESP

Weight/Vulnerability: Light

   Move L4   Move L3*   Fight L4

   Fight L4   Fight L3*   Move L3**

   Spell (IV)
   Magic IV3*   Move L4   Fight L3**

   Two Spells (IV)
   Magic IV3*   Fight L3*   Move L3*

Begins at: Inn

Special Advantages:

   1. Psychic Power:
      1.1 The Psychic can enchant any of her fight and move chits into any colour of magic. When the colour is fatigued, the chit becomes wounded.
      1.2 She may start the game with any of her fight and move chits enchanted to any colour.
      1.3 She doesn't actually use magic in the standard way. She draws power from within. She cannot use other sources of colour magic for her "spells", enchant tiles, or learn spells. Her "spells" represent psychic disciplines, and thus she calls them different names:
         Blazing Light -> Psychic Aura
         Fiery Blast -> Psychic Blast
         Elemental Spirit -> Mind Twist
         Hurricane Winds -> Levitation
         Lightning Bolt -> Mind Bolt
         Roof Collapses -> Telekinesis
         Violent Storm -> Major Telekinesis

   2. Precognition: She counts as if she has a permanent Prophecy spell cast on her. It still must be activated with Purple colour.


   Friendly: Scholar
   Unfriendly: Crone, Warlock

Designer: John Hickman

Designer's notes:

The Psychic uses a completely different way of using spells that is fully compatible with the existing ones! Type IV seems to fit psionic abilities the best. She needs testing to see if the wounding of her magic chits is too tough. I downgraded her precognition from my original version too, as it was too powerful if she could do it at will.