Symbol: Air

Weight/Vulnerability: Negligible

   Spell (II or VIII)
   Move -3   Magic II3*   Magic VIII3*

   Spell (II, III, VII or VIII)
   Move -2*   Magic III3*   Magic VII*

   Two Spells (II, III, VII or VIII)
   Move -2*   Move -1**   Magic II2**

   Three Spells (II, III, VII or VIII)
   Fly -2**   Move -1**   Magic III2**

Begins at: Any clearing on any Woods tile or Deep Woods

Special Advantages:

   1. Fairy Nature: Begins with stage 1:
      1.1 Regardless of weather, he gets only 1 Basic phase per day.
      1.2 He can record two activities for each Sunlight phase.
      1.3 If the Sprite's Fly -2** chit is active, he can record the FLY activity.
      1.4 He is immune to Curses.
      1.5 The - in the chits indicate Negligible weight.

   2. Nippy: The Sprite rolls 1 die instead of 2 for all hide attempts.


   Friendly: Woodfolk, Bashkars
   Unfriendly: Order, Lancers, Shaman

Designer: John Hickman

Designer's notes:

I made the Sprite's chits negligible, as I couldn't imagine him even picking up a short sword. He can't carry much, but then he is so fast he can get out of nearly all trouble, and could be good at learning spells. He only gets two actions for sunlight phases, not for bonus phases. So e.g. he would only get one bonus move phase for riding a work horse (which he can tickle to go in the right direction).