Description: The Thief is a light-footed and light-fingered pilferer of gems and treasures. Prefering to avoid entanglement with the authorities, the Thief seeks out long-forgotten treasure maps and ruined cities, searching for lost treasure. With flashing daggers and speedy feet, he can defend himself from smaller monsters and characters, but is ill-suited to fighting larger foes on his own.

Symbol: Labyrinth

Weight/Vulnerability: Light

Street Urchin
   Move L4   Move L3*   Move L2**

   Fight L4   Move L3*   Move L2**

   Fight L3*   Move L4   Move M4*

   Fight L2**   Fight L3*   Move M3**

Begins at: Inn

Special Advantages:

   1. Deft: Loots with 1 die.

   2. Ancient Treasure Maps: -1 to Peer and Locate rolls in the Lost City or Lost Castle.


   Ally: Rogues
   Friendly: Bashkars, Scholar
   Unfriendly: Order, Soldiers
   Enemy: Guard

Designer: Teresa Michelsen

Designer's notes:

Although he has great special abilities for looting, these are offset by having no weapon and no Fight chits above L, also most of the natives on the board are unfriendly or enemies due to his tendency to get in trouble with authority. His chits are mainly focused on running away, with a few M chits to carry treasures. He has just enough gold to hire a Rogue or two if they are not all killed off by the other players - this seems consistent with the Fafherd or Conan idea - talk a mercenary into going after a treasure with you.