Description: Being a Prince of Darkness, a Vampire shuns the sun and spends a lot of time indoors.

Symbol: Fangs -v-v-

Weight/Vulnerability: Medium

   Move M4*   Move M5   Fight M4*

   Spell (V)
   Bite+2**   Magic V4*   Magic V5*

   Two Spells (III, V or VI)
   Magic III4*   Magic III3*   Magic VI5*

   Three Spells (III, V or VI)
   Fight M3*   Move H5*   Magic VI4*

Begins at: Inn or Ghosts or any Cave clearing with a road leading off the board.

Special Advantages:

   1. Drinks blood: If the Vampire has no active weapon, he may play the Bite chit to attack. It does M+sharpness star damage as he sinks his fangs into the victim's neck. If the Bite kills his target, the Vampire drinks the victim's blood and can rest up to three asterisks, after the fatigue step for that round of combat. For "making change" treat the Bite like a fight chit.

   2. Prince of Darkness:
      2.1 Strength from shadows: When in a cave clearing or dwelling, gets one extra REST phase.
      2.2 Night stalker: Each time Vampire ends a phase of his turn outside of a cave or Dwelling, he must fatigue one asterisk. If he is blocked outside of caves and Dwellings before completing his turn, he must also fatigue asterisks for the phases he canceled. (Same as weather ICE footnote 2).
      2.3 Sees in the dark: When in a cave clearing, subtract one from all search rolls.
      2.4 Knows the secret places: When in a cave clearing, gets one extra HIDE phase.


   Friendly: Rogues, Bashkars, Warlock
   Unfriendly: Patrol, Guards
   Enemy: Order, Company

Designer: Daniel W. Farrow, IV

Designer's notes:

A vampire, right out of a Bela Lugosi movie (or the Buffy TV show, if you prefer).

In the classic development of a vampire from the victim stage, he gets more and more sensitive to sunlight. The development stages of this character are designed to reflect this trait. At victim stage, he is just sort of helpless. He gains the BITE attack at stage 2, along with some magic. At stage 3 he gets type VI magic, put no way of generating Purple, so most likely will spend time in enchanted cave tiles to get some. As a full fledged Vampire, with the extra phases and taking damage from sunlight, it would behoove the Vampire to spend a great deal of time in cave clearings.

With his fast Bite attack, the Vampire is a dangerous foe to fight alone. However he moves slowly. If an angry mob tries to take him out, he could be in trouble, depending on what spells he has.

Prince of Darkness abilities 2.3 and 2.4 are currently considered optional.