Village Idiot

Description: Humble and lovable, the Village Idiot is often taken advantage of by others. Perhaps not until too late, others find out that this "harmless" fellow is not quite as useless as he seems.

Symbol: Passive Intellect

Weight/Vulnerability: Medium

   20 Gold
   Move M5   Fight M5   Fight M4*

   20 Gold
   Move H5*   Fight M3**   Magic VII5*

Town Fool
   Staff, 20 Gold
   Move M3**   Fight H6   Magic VIII5*

Village Idiot
   Move M4*   Fight H5*   Magic VI5*

Begins at: Inn or House

Special Advantages:

   1. Stupid: Rolls one extra die for all rolls (including Clumsy and Guardian Angel). For the Village Idiot, any treasures that allow a character to roll only one die, should read "roll one less die". Effects of multiple treasures of this sort are cumulative, with a minimum of one die that must be rolled.

   2. Guardian Angel: When cursed or "hit" by the Power of the Pit (even if the result would not affect the Village Idiot), rolls one die and if the result is less than 6, then the effects are immediately transferred to the nearest character. Use the following progression to determine: In clearing; in tile; number of tiles away. Any ties will require one character to be selected at random.

   3. Clumsy: Whenever the Village Idiot achieves a hit in combat, rolls one die and if the result is 6, then he hits a random denizen/character in the clearing. A hidden character (even if hidden enemies have not been found) and even himself may be hit in this way. If the Village Idiot hits himself or another character via this method, he will only take a single wound if he takes damage equal to his vulnerability, and only serious wounds if he takes damage greater than his vulnerability. This procedure is also followed for any spell successfully cast by the Village Idiot, if there is more than one appropriate target available in the clearing.

   4. Idiot Savant: At game start, the player secretly selects and records one special ability from the following list. The ability is not revealed until used.
      1. Digger: On any loot roll or roll on the Treasures within Treasures section, the numbers are "reversed", i.e. a 6 becomes a 1, a 5 becomes a 2, a 4 becomes a 3, etc.
      2. Smith: Any weapon used by the Village Idiot gains one sharpness star.
      3. Enchanter: Once daily, at the beginning of his first phase, may enchant the tile the Village Idiot currently resides in. May only do this if in a clearing at the start of the day.
      4. Wrangler: Monsters do not block the Village Idiot. They will still attack him in the evening.
      5. Accountant: Whenever the Village Idiot adds gold to his total, the amount being added is doubled. Any gold taken (by another character or by abandoning/caching) from the Village Idiot is halved.
      6. Researcher: Result of Awaken or Learn on the Reading Runes table will Awaken or Learn all spells attached to the item or site.


   Allies: all visitors
   Friendly: all natives

Designer: Brian Sharwood

Designer's notes:

Only expert players should consider taking on this character.

The Village Idiot has four special advantages. If playing development levels, he gets one advantage at each stage (in the order listed).