3rd EDITION RULES - Change Log
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December 9, 2005

1. Added text under Watchful Natives to specify native and native horse sides on page 76:

"4.2 If a watchful native is targeted by a character in the Melee Step, the attacked native and all other watchful natives from the same native group as the target are immediately put on the character’s sheet and attack normally in that round. The natives are light side up and their horses are galloping side up. Exception: If the character remains hidden by making his Hide roll under optional Rule 10.A.2 (Ambushes), the natives of that group remain unassigned and watchful."

2. Added missing description of Gold Natives under Commerce Rules on page 82:

"2.1.3 Gold natives: For the Order and Guard, each item's special price is equal to its Gold price plus its Fame value. Example: To Order and Guard, the Beast Pipes have a price of 3 (a Gold price of 8 minus 5 for its negative Fame value)."

No Index or Table of Contents changes necessary.

3. Corrected spelling in Optional Combat Fumble Table on page 84:

"decrease one level"