Release 3.1 (12/9/05) - View Change Log

The latest and greatest version of Magic Realm 3rd Edition is here! Thanks to dedicated players the COMPREHENSIVE set of rules is finally complete. Truly a massive undertaking and the entire MR community appreciates the very difficult and time-consuming work done by the gang.

Magic Realm 3rd Edition Rules, Optional Rules, Index, and Lists & Tables
This 122-page document contains:

  • Full Standard Rules, including all corrections and clarifications that have been cataloged from discussions with Richard Hamblen since the original Third Edition
  • Complete Optional Rules from 2nd Edition, plus updated and new rules from Magic Realm designer Richard Hamblen that were edited out of the 2nd edition (including Watchful Natives, Benevolent Spell, and Extended Development).
  • Complete Lists & Tables
  • Complete Index

Notations in blue are clarifications received since the Second Edition was printed, so you can easily see what has been added.

A huge thank you to Teresa Michelsen, Stephen McKnight, Jay Richardson and Dan Farrow for undertaking this enormous task!

Available in two formats:


Triple Board MR Gamebox for CyberBoard w/ New Characters and Hidden Realm Markers
This major enhancement to the standard MR Gamebox for CyberBoard by Brian Sharwood will allow you to run games with up to three sets! It also includes all of the pieces for several player-designed characters, and special markers for use in a "hidden realm" game! (8.7 MB)

MR Tile Reference
A handy way to view all the MR Tiles. Easily see both sides of the tile and at all 6 orientations!

Some New MR Tiles
Several very nice new MR tiles for use as you will. These were provided my Michael Goldenthal for an expansion he is planning. (6.4 MB zip file)

Custom Characters
New characters created by the player community. Enjoy!

MR Evening Flow Charts
You'll never be at a loss of what to do next with these handy flow charts detailing all major steps during Evening! A newbie's best friend!
Require Adobe Acrobat Reader

  • Chart 1 provides an overview from Sunset to Midnight. The other 4 charts are dedicated to a single round of combat.
  • Chart 2 takes you from the beginning of the Encounter step up to Deployment & Charging
  • Chart 3 takes you through Deployment & Charging and Encounter ActionsChart 4 takes your through Encounter Actions to the beginning of the Melee Step
  • Chart 4 takes you through the Melee Step up to Attack Resolution
  • Chart 5 concludes the round of combat

High-Resolution Printable Setup Card
This high-resolution JPEG is a bit smaller than 8.5x11 so it will fit nicely on a printed page, and it is about 260 dpi, so it prints nicely too! It is a big file, though, weighing in at over 3 meg.
Note that the image may very likely show up HUGE in your browser window, but that is because IE will show it at 72dpi – about 4x its printed size. Once it all downloads just right-click on the image and “save as...” or drag it to your desktop.

Glenn Pruitt's Alternative Monsters
Glenn created some very nice new monsters, including special rules. There are some extremely well-done counters. Included are three images (front, back and setup card) as well as a Word doc of rules. (3.9 MB)