Your own quality Doomtrooper cards
have never been so easy to make...

Created by Tomi Nieminen (also known as "Nipa" in the Doomtrooper Forums) and his group to help with his Doomtrooper Underground homemade expansion sets. This set contains all the "pieces" needed to create your own cards!

Includes 36 high-quality TIFFs. An incredible collection of "pieces" which you can use in an image editing program (like Photoshop) to help create your own cards. Excellent!

Fonts used for the cards:
Title - Copperplate Gothic Bold, all caps, 22 pts
Text - Times New Roman 20pts, the text alignement should be 'centered'
Stats - Times New Roman 36pts
The text and title sometimes require smaller fonts to fit everything inside the limited space available.

Download (8.1 MB)