September 3, 2002

The following clarification to the Sabotage rules is now considered official:

While Sabotaging is not considered an attack, your sabotaging warrior must also be able to participate in combat.

This rule has been added to the 2nd Edition Rules.

April 4, 2002
InQuest #85 was just released with a small article about the gEngine over at CCG Workshop and it features Doomtrooper - the gEngine's premier game!

Work is progressing nicely on the gEngine Edition of Doomtrooper - and the InQuest article has made me realize that I need to get it finished! Only Equipment, Fortifications and (ugh) Specials need to be cleaned up. Then I need to rewrite the rulebook and create an "Intro to Doomtrooper" rulebook. You can view my progress here.
January 7, 2002

Happy New Year everyone! I've been busy with the new baby and at work, so updates have been lean. I just added a feature to the Spoiler Database that will let you search for cards by their title and texts. Very handy!

I've also added some "behind the scenes" functionality that will allow me to easily edit the gEngine Edition cards, which should be a big help. But first I need to tackle the rules rewrite. Be sure to check the forums for more about this project!

November 30, 2001

Updated the Card Errata by incorporating some extra fixes that were on the Tourney Rules page.

November 29, 2001

The following addition to the Transfer rules for the Paradise Lost expansion is now considered official:

No Transfer actions may be made by any warrior until at least one warrior has entered play in an Outpost. Once any warrior enters play in any Outpost, Transfer actions may be taken.

This rule has been added to the 2nd Edition Rules.


The following addition to the card errata is now considered official:

Art spells that are removed from play or annihilated after casting DO NOT stay with the Falcon. They are annihilated.

November 28, 2001

I am going to start working on a special edition of Doomtrooper for the gEngine. What you will see in this edition is:

  • Inclusion of all cards, including some of those 1st edition cards that were given the boot

  • A complete scrubbing of ALL card texts. Because of the data-driven nature of gEngine, I can realistically altar the text on any card from any expansion and STILL ensure that everyone is playing the same game. Very nice. Of couse, card effects will not change drastically (well, a few may).

  • Because of this, I hope to completely eliminate the Banned and Restricted lists. If a card needs to be restricted, I will add a simple "DECK LIMIT: 1" to the card text itself. Banned cards will be given a friendly rewrite.

  • Incorporate the "Traits" that Joe has ben talking about, but I will maintain the established nomenclature of DESIGNATIONS.

  • Create TWO new "rule books." The first will be a return of the "Introduction to Doomtrooper" rules and will only feature a small selection of the available card types (probably just Warriors, Equipment and Specials). The second will be a complete rewrite of the Doomtrooepr rules, incorporating all the expansions and such into a single rules set.

  • The new rules will focus on using the gEngine to play.

Yes, this is it, the "Ultimate Doomtrooper" project I have teased you about for so long. The gEngine will allow it to become a reality.

Check out the Doomtrooper Forum for lots more info!

November 13, 2001
Added a gEngine screenshot to the Play Online area.
November 9, 2001
Cleaned up the spoiler database a bit as well as the card lists. Also did some tweeking to the forum, including adding a new category inviting you to discuss ways to change the game if you could. Still a lot of dusting to do...
November 8, 2001 is launched! I got inspired by my recent acquisition of the domain so I took the old site and reworked a new graphical treatment. I hope you like it! I've got quite a few plans in store for this site, and hopefully I can find some time to get them all accomplished. First, a few details:

The domain is not actually the real "home" for this site. It actually sits at The domain is currently acting as a pointer to the "real" site, and the site is held within a one-frame frameset (which is why the domain in your address bar does not change). You can bookmark either domain, they will both work. I plan on moving to it's own host in the near future (as soon as I scrape up some cash). :-)

I've updated the forum to a new and improved program. This one has tons of great features! Please register and join in on the conversation!

I will be adding a few new databases to the site. First I will implement a database to help find players in your area. Then, I'll work on one that will let you post your own card ideas. Slick!

I also plan on re-editing the 2nd Edition rules. I want to add some new images and clean up the copy a bit. I also added the Cardinal's Gift to the rules (they were previously only a tournament rule). We are looking at a new batch of players because...

The amazing gEngine that they are working on over at CCG Workshop is in beta testing. This incredible program will let you play any CCG you can image online, provided you have scans of all the cards and a complete database of all the text, plus a lot of work to make sure the game will work in the engine! Well, thanks to the incredible support of the Doomtrooper community, I'm very happy to report that Doomtrooper is the first game that will be made available for the gEngine! From some brief playing with the latest beta, this thing is going to ROCK!

Finally, a bit of an "attitude adjustment" when it comes to my "stewardship" of Doomtrooper. I do not own the rights to Doomtrooper, they are in the care of Target Games, which has since reworked themselves into Paradox Entertainment (or something like that). Doomtrooper is out of print, and currently no one is interested in dumping some money into the property and create "official" products. In the past, as the designer, I had a say it what was considered "official," but the final decisions rested with the gang at Target. But they aren't interested in Doomtrooper anymore... I'm just going to take the reigns and make it my own.

Until someonebody tells me to stop, you can consider this site the official repository of all things Doomtrooper. What does this mean? It means the 2nd Edition rules are now official. It means that if there are some great homemade cards out there that I think should be made "official" then so let it be done. I know, it's a power trip, but somebody has to do it! :-)

Oh yeah, the same goes for the Dark Eden and Kult CCGs as well (but not Crow or James Bond, for obvious reasons).

The long and short of it is that there really won't be that much of a difference right now. But with the advent of the gEngine, Doomtroper once again has the opportunity to grow and evolve. Who knows, there may just be a 3rd edition in the future.

As always, I welcome your feedback.