The gEngine is Here!

Run, do not walk, over to CCG Workshop and check out gEngine, the amazing new scalable CCG playing system that is currently in beta testing!

This amazing program will let you play any CCG you can image online, provided you have scans of all the cards and a complete database of all the text, plus a lot of work to make sure the game will work in the engine! Well, thanks to the incredible support of the Doomtrooper community, I'm very happy to report that Doomtrooper was the first game made available for the gEngine! AND IT ROCKS!


I have created a special edition of Doomtrooper for the gEngine. What you will see in this edition is:

  • Inclusion of all cards, including some of those 1st edition cards that were given the boot

  • A complete scrubbing of ALL card texts. Because of the data-driven nature of gEngine, I can realistically altar the text on any card from any expansion and STILL ensure that everyone is playing the same game. Very nice. Of couse, card effects do not change drastically (well, a few do).

  • Because of this, I have completely eliminated the Banned and Restricted lists. If a card needs to be restricted, I added a simple "DECK LIMIT: 1" to the card text itself. Banned cards have been given a friendly rewrite.

  • New DESIGNATIONS take some of the common card effects off of the cards and into the rulebnook.

  • Created TWO new "rule books." The first is a return of the "Introduction to Doomtrooper" rules and only features a small selection of the available card types. The second is a complete rewrite of the Doomtrooepr rules, incorporating all the expansions and such into a single rules set.

  • The new rules focus on using the gEngine to play.