Now available is a new special edition of Doomtrooper reworked exclusively for the gEngine. What you get in this edition is:

  • Inclusion of all cards, including some of those 1st edition cards that were given the boot

  • A complete scrubbing of ALL card texts. Because of the data-driven nature of gEngine, I could realistically altar the text on any card from any expansion and STILL ensure that everyone is playing the same game. Very nice. Of couse, card effects did not change drastically (well, a few did).

  • No more Banned and Restricted lists! If a card needs to be restricted, I have added a simple "DECK LIMIT: 1" to the card text itself. Banned cards have been given a friendly rewrite.

  • New DESIGNATIONS take many repeated rules off of the cards an into the rulebook.

  • NEW BASIC RULES! This return of the "Introduction to Doomtrooper" rules only features a small selection of the available card types (just Warriors, Equipment, Fortifications and Specials). Plus, special beginner decks have been created and made available via gEngine that let you play using these rules!

  • A complete rewrite of the Doomtrooepr core rules, incorporating all the expansions and such into a single rules set.

Yes, this is it, the "Ultimate Doomtrooper" project I have been wanting to make for so long.

Domtrooper gEngine Edition Core Rules
The complete new rules. You need these if you are going to play the gEngine Edition!

Domtrooper gEngine Edition Basic Rules
New rules and decks designed especially for the new player! These rules allow you to get playing Doomtrooper on the gEngine right away, using a smaller set of available cards. Be sure to download oneof teh new Corporate War decks that are designed for these rules - all five are deisgned to be used against one another and have great games!

Domtrooper Classic (Second Edition) Rules
The 2nd edition rules are now referred to as Classic Doomtrooper, to differentiate them form GEngine Doomtrooper. The classic rules are highly recomended when using your real cards, even with your 1st edition cards. The classic editon was never printed in English, you can assume that these rules are official for your games.

Additions to First Edition Rules
Even if you are not using the Second Editon rules (and why aren't you?) you should take a look at this comprehensive compiliation of rule additions to the First Edition.

Tournament Rules
Everythign you need to know to runa Doomtrooper tournament

General Rule and Game FAQs
Answers to questions about the overall polay of the game and global game effects

Global Card and Card Type FAQs
Answers to questions about general card effects and card types.

Individual Card FAQs
Answers to questions about specific cards and their effects.

The Mother of All Combat Breakdowns
An extremely comprehensive breakdown of a Doomtrooper attack action. This monster tries to take very instance into consideration. Don't read unless you and your opponenet are really buttin heads over an issue.

Optional Rules and Variants
Some ideas to add new twists to your games.

Doomtrooper Sewers of Luna
A board game using your Doomtrtooper cards.

An article about building the perfect Doomtrooper deck.

Mistakes happen. Here are the ones that we know about.