There isn't much more to be said than these sets are simply awesome! Each set below was created by Tomi Nieminen (also known as "Nipa" in the Doomtrooper Forums) and his group over the past few years. His Doomtrooper Underground site once hosted these expansions, and I am extremely happy to now be able to host them here at Doomtrooper Central.

First, let's give credit where credit is due. The bulk of the work on the sets were done by:

  • Mika Laaksonen, coordinating, writing
  • Harri Pelkkala, writing
  • Hannu Pelkkala, quality control
  • Tomi Nieminen, photoshopping
  • with help from the rest of 'Doomtrooper Finland'

Each set contains dozens of new cards, each with full-color artwork! Most sets have new card types. They've even created playable cards for the new cards found in the 2nd Edition and Ragnarok expansion! And to top it all off, they are also sharing their Doomtrooepr Construction Kit, containing all the "pieces" needed to create your own cards!

A big thanks to the gang in Finland for their remarkable support of this game! This is an excellent example of taking a game you love and really personalizing it for your own uses and fun.

They had the expansions printed on cardstock, cut and laminated by a professional printing house. The artwork is (mostly) scanned from Mutant Chronicles sourcebooks and inserted into blank card templates in PhotoShop and saved as high-res TIFFs. They are now offering the complete sets for you to download as full-sized .JPGs (about 2.5" x 3.5" x 250 dpi). An inkjet printer, some glue and unwanted commons will turn into nice new cards for the game. Or you can have the cards printed like they did.

Also note that some of the cards in the official Ragnarok expansion are actually versions of cards they did for some of their earlier expansions that I then tweaked to suit the needs of an official Doomtrooper card (like Phobosian Guard). Plus, many of the 2nd Edition and Ragnarok cards were create to help out the efforts over at CCG Workshop. They never really intended for the two 'official unofficial' sets to materialize, but here they are! They included some of the best cards from 2nd Edition and Ragnarok in their fifth expansion, Revival, sometimes with minor tweaks or names changed.

They think a complete set of Ragnarok is hidden inside all those packages, as well as a complete set of the new 2nd Edition cards. The ones included in the 2nd Edition and Ragnarok packages are strictly the "official" versions, the rest might have been altered by Nipa and the gang to suit their needs.

Disclaimer time: These cards are the product of fans of Doomtrooper and as such are outside the "official" standards of Doomtrooper. Card formats and texts have not been edited to meet the Doomtrooper style or guidelines, and any questions about card interpretations are not the responsibility of the Doomtrooper designer(s). These cards not not considered "official." All downloads are compressed in .zip format. You will need to decompress them using an unzipping utility such as the free StuffIt Expander.

The Doomtrooper Underground Expansions

105 new cards.
More Info | View Sample Cards | View Spoiler | Download (13.4 MB)

108 new cards including the new Corporate War card type!
More Info | View Sample Cards | View Spoiler | Download (13.7 MB)

108 new cards including the new Battle card type!
More Info | View Sample Cards | View Spoiler | Download (13.1 MB)

90 new cards including the new War Option card type!
More Info | View Sample Cards | View Spoiler | Download (11.3 MB)

144 new cards including sevral cards form the 2nd Edition and Ragnarok expansions, plus the new Campaign card type!
More Info | View Sample Cards | View Spoiler | Download (17.1 MB)

Other Cards Designed by Doomtrooper Underground

2nd Edition
35 new cards. Several of the new cards found in the 2nd Edition of Doomtrooper. Note that most of the 1st edition cards that were changed for the 2nd edition are not included (but msot of these can be found in the Revival expansion above).
Download (4.1 MB)

82 new cards. Every card form the Ragnarok expansion that was not included in one of their own expansions above.
Download (9.7 MB)

Doomtrooper Card Construction Kit
36 high-quality TIFFs. An incredible collection of "pieces" which you can use in an image editing program (like Photoshop) to help create your own cards. Excellent!
Fonts used for the cards:
Title - Copperplate Gothic Bold, all caps, 22 pts
Text - Times New Roman 20pts, the text alignement should be 'centered'
Stats - Times New Roman 36pts
The text and title sometimes require smaller fonts to fit everything inside the limited space available.
Download (8.1 MB)