Info Card Texts

The GOLGOTHA, APOCALYPSE, and PARADISE LOST expansions each feature 10-11 “Info Cards” which are used to convey new rules, clarifications and other vital information to Doomtrooper players.

Each of these cards is absolutely free! You do not pay for them. They are a free 16th card in each booster pack. Here are the texts of all the Info cards that contain information every Doomtrooper player needs. Not includeed are cards which feature advertisements, card lists or other non-game-related items.



The seven Alliances are the cornerstones of the Mutant Chronicles universe, and most warriors belong to one of them. Players may openly state they wish to play one of the alliances, giving his or her warriors from that alliance a considerable bonus.

The EFFECT of each Alliance card is written on it. Alliance cards may be played AT ANY TIME. Each player may only have ONE ALLIANCE CARD IN PLAY. Alliance cards may NEVER BE DISCARDED, except by cards that specifically discard or otherwise remove Alliance cards from the game (for example HOSTILE TAKEOVER). All Alliance cards are UNIQUE; you may never play an Alliance card if there already is an identical Alliance card in play.


Relics are ancient artifacts of great power. Originally, Relic cards could only be played if you had previously played a NOTED COLLECTOR card. This is hereby changed; you do NOT need to be a NOTED COLLECTOR in order to put a Relic card into play. Instead, all Relic cards go under the following rules:

The EFFECT of each Relic card is written on it. Relic cards are played on your warriors as ONE ACTION EACH. All Relic cards are UNIQUE; you may never play a Relic card if there already is an identical Relic card in play. Copies of discarded Relics may enter play again later. Relics are not considered Equipment.


Warzones are raging battlefields in the Mutant Chronicles Universe. Originally, Warzone cards could only be played if you had previously played a GRAND TACTICIAN card. This is hereby changed; you do NOT need to be a GRAND TACTICIAN in order to put a Warzone card into play. Instead, all Warzone cards go under the following rules:

The EFFECT of each Warzone card is written on it. Warzone cards are added to your Squad/Kohort as one action each. Any number of identical Warzones may be in play. When your warrior is the Defender in a combat, that warrior may choose to defend from one of the Warzones in its Squad/Kohort. During the combat, the Defender gains the effects and modifiers to F, S, A and V listed on the Warzone card. If you defend from a Warzone, neither combatant may use effects from Fortification cards. Equipment and warriors that are considered Fortifications may be used. When attacking, you may not use your Warzones. Your Squad members may not use your Kohort’s Warzones and vice versa.



On many cards is a small icon to the left of the picture. That icon tells you what to do with the card after it leaves your hand. There are four icons:
(+) ATTACH - The card is attached to the thing it is played on or affects. That attachment is permanent and the target is continuously affected by the attachment. Cards that state “attach to the game” are attached to the tabletop. While this makes them seem like base cards, they are still considered attachments.
(-) DISCARD - The card is placed in the discard pile immediately after its effects have concluded (usually this is instantaneous). The only time this card can be countered or affected is immediately after it is played.
(X) ANNIHILATE - The card is removed from the game and may not to return by any normal means. Note that if you play a card with the annihilate symbol on it, and that card’s effect is somehow “countered” it is STILL removed from the game, even though the effect did not occur!


Over the long centuries, the Mishimen have developed powers strange to the other corporations and the Brotherhood, called Ki Powers. Most who use Ki Powers show no trace of the Darkness and some are more resilient to it than ordinary people.

Ki Power cards may be attached to any Mishima-affiliated warrior as one action each. The warrior gains the effects listed on the Ki Power card while it is attached. A warrior may only have one copy of each Ki Power card attached to it (no duplicates). Ki Powers may be given to warriors who gain the Mishima affiliation through card play. If a warrior loses his Mishima affiliation he may keep his Ki Powers, but no more may be attached until he regains his Mishima affiliation.


While the use of these rules is optional, they must be used during tournament games.

A warrior with a Vehicle must be either INSIDE or OUTSIDE of its Vehicle. When a warrior is first equipped with a Vehicle, choose if the warrior is inside or outside. To signify that a warrior is outside a Vehicle (thereby unable to use it or gain its effects), place it face-down next to the warrior. To signify that a warrior is inside a Vehicle (thereby able to use it and gain its effects), place the Vehicle face-up next to the warrior. A warrior may Enter and Exit its Vehicle as many times as it wants during a turn, but each time it must use ONE ACTION. When you Enter/Exit a Vehicle, simply flip the Vehicle card over. When a warrior is outside a Vehicle, it may use Equipment and items that the Vehicle restricts.


  • You are never allowed to directly attack your own warriors. However, you may “force” your warriors to attack one another through card play. If through general card play you end up attacking and killing your own warrior, you ONLY earn Destiny Points, NEVER Promotion Points. This is true even if another player forces you to attack your own warriors.
  • Any card that is considered a MORTIFICATOR may attack any other warrior in play, regardless of affiliation, even other Brotherhood warriors. You still may not intentionally attack your own warriors.
  • An Equipment card is a WEAPON only if it specifically states FIGHT WEAPON, SHOOT WEAPON, FIGHT/SHOOT WEAPON or SPECIAL WEAPON in its card text. Other Equipment cards are not considered WEAPONS.


Every time a player “does something”, either performs an action or plays a card, the player’s opponents ALWAYS have a chance to alter or counter what is going on. Throwing a second card down “before anyone has a chance to respond to the first card” is impossible in DOOMTROOPER.

It is important to TAKE TURNS when playing Special cards. The current player always has the opportunity to act first. This is especially true when playing cards during Combat Modification. The attacking player always has the opportunity to modify the combat first, then the defender, then the other players. Likewise, the attacking player always has the first chance to “activate” equipment and other cards. The exception is if the defender is able to “strike first.” In this case, the warrior that strikes first is allowed to modify the combat and use equipment first.


Some cards will state CONSIDERED A [THING] on them. This indicates that the card is also assumed to be the thing it mentions, in addition to what it truly is. The purpose of these additional “considerations” will become apparent through card play. Whenever a warrior is considered a different kind of warrior, it is in NAME ONLY. Special abilities and such do not transfer over. For example, the WOLFBANE HONOR GUARD states that it is “CONSIDERED A CLANSMAN.” This means that the Honor Guard is affected by cards that affect CLANSMEN, but it does NOT mean that the Honor Guard gains any special abilities listed on the CLANSMAN card. Those abilities do not magically “transfer” to the other card! In other words, a card ONLY has the abilities written on its card, plus any abilities SPECIFICALLY provided by other cards.


A player may be directly attacked if he has no warriors in play THAT ARE ABLE TO BE IN COMBAT. This means that APOSTLES, CORPORATE LEADERS and warriors on SHORE LEAVE may NOT prevent a player from being directly attacked if they are the only warriors in play for that player.

An important distinction here is that this only means warriors who may not be in combat AT ALL. It does NOT mean that the warriors in play simply cannot attack one another. For example, if the only warrior I have in play is a Brotherhood warrior, and you just have Imperial warriors, you cannot directly attack me because the Brotherhood warrior is in the way. He may not be attacked by the Imperial warriors, but he is allowed to BE IN combat, whereas APOSTLES and the rest are not allowed to be in combat at all.


The concept of “timing” is not new to many players of collectable card games, and for some games it is a major issue full of confusion and name-calling. Not so in DOOMTROOPER! In DOOMTROOPER, everything happens immediately and cannot be “interrupted” UNLESS that interruption DIRECTLY AFFECTS the thing going on. Things happen AS THEY ARE PLAYED, and the only way to stop them is to DIRECTLY affect them. The phrase “Wait! Before that happens I do this...” is never heard in a game of DOOMTROOPER!

The one exception to this is that all of combat pretty-much takes place instantaneously. This means that effects that take place during the Combat Modification segment of combat may be countered later in the same segment, and do not have to be “immediately” affected. USUALLY the last cards played take precedence over the first cards played. Just be sure to take turns when playing modifiers (starting with the attacker) and you should have no problems.


“Brethren, I fear we have a new threat. A threat within our own backyard. I have detected the taint of Symmetry nearby. Surely the corporate scouts have discovered in person what I have learned through my meditation and trust in the Art. But their greed will make them zealous, and their pride will make them certain of their abilities to crush any resistance. They will not anticipate the power of those they wish to dominate. What is worse, I foresee the Dark Legion allied with a welcoming host of humanity.
“The people we left behind those thousands of years ago have once again risen into a semblance of civilization. The Earth is a hotbed of disease and corruption. Even the air is unfit to breathe. Yet they thrive. I foresee the taint of the Dark Legion among them. Not all of them, no, but many. So many.
“You must return to Dark Eden, to cleanse it as much as you are able. Focus your attentions on the desolated lands that were once called Europe. Later, we will spread our influence to the four corners of the globe. Trust no one, not even our corporate allies. Beware the native peoples, but do not completely alienate them. The entire planet is flowing with deceit, greed, and desolation. And hope. Yes, there is hope as well. Perhaps some good can be done, eventually. But for now, there is only the Cardinal's Cleansing Flame. For now, we must deal with this Paradise Lost.”

PARADISE LOST features the Dark Eden setting of forsaken Earth. This setting is also featured in a number of MUTANT CHRONICLES RPG products as well as its own collectable card game, also called DARK EDEN. This expansion is not compatible with the DARK EDEN CCG, and you do not need to be familiar with any of the other Dark Eden products to use the PARADISE LOST expansion.

The warriors of Dark Eden may not leave the planet, so any interaction with these new forces must be on Earth itself. There is now a new area to place your warriors, called your OUTPOST, located between your Squad and Kohort. Your Outpost is where you place all warriors that inhabit Earth, either as native people or transferred warriors from off-world. Note that the other planets are still jointly represented by your Squad and Kohort. Your Squad, Kohort and Outpost are each an Area. When a card refers to an Area, it means Squad, Kohort or Outpost.


PARADISE LOST features four new affiliation icons. Each represents one of the native powers on Earth. These four affiliations are grouped under the general term of TRIBAL affiliations. When a card refers to a Tribal warrior, it means a warrior from one of these four affiliations. This means there are now three major organizations, Doomtroopers, Dark Legion warriors and Tribal warriors. The new affiliations are:
THE SONS OF RASPUTIN - A proud people, the Rasputins control the eastern European region. Their huge war machines are only dwarfed by their smoke spewing cities.
THE TEMPLARS - These mutated humans rely on shear power to dominate their foes. They see their mutations as nature's way of proclaiming them the true rulers of Dark Eden.
CRESCENTIA - True nomads, the Crescentians travel from locale to locale with their homes and villages mounted atop enormous beasts. They are ever-loyal to their Khan and the words of their Prophets.
THE LUTHERAN TRIAD - While certainly the least powerful of the European tribes, the Lutherans are undeniably the most dedicated. Their wrath toward the other tribes makes them competent foes, and their highly religious nature keeps them strong.


Beasts represent the indigenous animals found throughout Dark Eden that may be ridden by warriors into battle, like VEHICLES.
You may give a Beast to a warrior that may have it as one action.
A warrior may only be given a Beast if the warrior is in your Outpost.
A warrior may have either one Beast or one VEHICLE. It may not have more than one Beast or VEHICLE, and may not have a Beast and a VEHICLE. It may have other Equipment and Relics as normal.
Unlike VEHICLES, when you give a warrior a Beast it is assumed that the warrior is ALWAYS riding the Beast. A warrior must always use its Beast during combat.
The Beast card features modifiers to F, S, A and V that are applied to the warrior that is riding the Beast. These modifiers are applied to the base ratings of the warrior before all other modifiers.
A warrior with a Beast may not voluntarily leave the Outpost while the Beast is attached. If the warrior is “forced” to leave the Outpost through Special card play, the Beast is discarded (unless the warrior is moved to another Outpost).
A warrior with a Beast may gain the effects from Fortifications, and may be in Cover.
Warriors “considered Beasts” may not have Beasts or Vehicles, may not Transfer, are discarded if forced out of an Outpost, gain the effects of Fortifications, and may be in Cover.

Actions you gain from warriors and other cards in your Squad or Kohort may be used with warriors in your Outpost, and vice-versa (unless the warrior's extra actions must be used by that warrior, as stated on its card).

Doomtroopers may only enter play in the Squad.
Dark Legion warriors may only enter play in Kohort.
Tribal warriors may only enter play in the Outpost.
The Tribal affiliations hate each other, and will not work together. You may not add a warrior of one Tribal affiliation to your Outpost if there is already a warrior from another Tribal affiliation there.

Equipment that me be given to “any warrior” may be given to Tribal warriors.

Since the Outpost is the first real manifestation of a specific and permanent place in the game, it may be easy to think that certain abilities would not carry into the Outpost from the Squad or Kohort. This is not true. Remember that in DOOMTROOPER, your Squad and Kohort actually represent your "good" and "evil" forces all over the solar system, not just on a particular battlefield. Therefore, the influence of your warriors currently extends from Mercury to the Asteroid Belt in the abstract nature of the game. Earth is just another planet along the way, and falls under these areas of influence.

Cards that normally affect warriors in your Squad or your Kohort (like Fortifications and other warriors) extend their abilities into the Outpost when there are legal targets in the Outpost, and extend to your Squad or Kohort when the affecting card is in your Outpost. IN THESE CASES ONLY, you can think of the Outpost as an extension of your Squad when there are Doomtroopers on Earth, and as an extension of your Kohort when there are Dark Legion warriors on Earth. For example, the VENUSIAN MARSHAL card states "For each Venusian Marshal in your Squad, all your non-Personality Bauhaus warriors (but not Venusian Marshals) gain +2 to F, S and A." If you have a Venusian Marshal in your Squad, even the Bauhaus warriors in your Outpost gain the bonus. Likewise, a Venusian Marshal in your Outpost will affect Bauhaus warriors in your Outpost and Squad.

It costs one action to play any Fortification card, unless the Fortification states it requires more actions to be played.
A Fortification may only be Built in your Outpost if it is specifically stated on the card. Most Fortifications state that they are placed in either your Squad or Kohort; these cards may not be Built in your Outpost. Cards that are Built away from your Squad and Kohort (like CLUB ARKADIN) may not be Built in your Outpost, either.
The exception is if the Fortification is given to a warrior (like INSTALLATION or FOXHOLE). These cards may be given to warriors in your Outpost (and these Fortifications must stay in the Outpost).

Cards with Warzone-specific abilities (like a warrior with KI TELEPORTATION) do not lose those abilities when they are in the Outpost, and the effect applies to Outpost-specific Warzones as well.

TRANSFER (Part 1 of 2)
You may use the new TRANSFER action to move your Doomtroopers and Dark Legion warriors to and from your Outpost.
Transferring costs one action, unless the Transferring warrior has or is considered a VEHICLE, in which case it costs TWO actions to Transfer.
You may Transfer a Doomtrooper from your Squad to your Outpost or from your Outpost to your Squad.
You may Transfer a Dark Legion warrior from your Kohort to your Outpost or from your Outpost to your Kohort.
You may not Transfer Tribal warriors. They must stay in your Outpost.
A warrior may only voluntarily Transfer once per turn (in this instance a “turn” is defined as the period from the beginning of your draw step until the beginning of your next draw step). It may Transfer more than once if “forced” to by Special card play.
You may NOT have both Doomtroopers and Dark Legion warriors in your Outpost at the same time. For example, you may not Transfer a Dark Legion warrior into an Outpost that contains at least one Doomtrooper.

TRANSFER (Part 2 of 2)
If a Doomtrooper becomes a Heretic which is still considered a Doomtrooper (like through the TAINTED card) then it may be in an Outpost with other Doomtroopers (and it may even be in an Outpost with Dark Legion warriors). But if a Doomtrooper in an Outpost is fully turned into a Dark Legion minion (like through the DARK VISITATION card) and other Doomtroopers are in the Outpost, then for your next available action you MUST transfer it to your Kohort,
Tribal warriors have no such affiliation restrictions. Doomtroopers and Tribal warriors may work together, as may Tribal warriors and Dark Legion warriors.
A warrior that “may not be in your Squad or Kohort” (like the RENEGADE APOSTATE) may be Transferred to your Outpost, and may interact with both Doomtrooper and Dark Legion warriors while on Earth. If the warrior Transfers off of the Outpost, it returns to its “unaffiliated” area.
If your spies detect possible enemy movement on Earth, you must go check it out. Therefore, if any opponent has a warrior in his or her Outpost (of any affiliation), you MUST Transfer at least one warrior to your Outpost during your next regular action. As long as there are warriors in an Outpost, all players must have a warrior in his or her Outpost.

Warriors in your Outpost may NEVER attack warriors in Squads or Kohorts. Likewise, warriors in Squads and Kohorts may NEVER attack warriors in Outposts. Even if a card is played that may change the attacker or defender of a combat to any other warrior in play (like GREATER TELEPATHY), you may not break this rule!

The warriors of the various Tribal affiliations may attack and be attacked by any other warrior, regardless of affiliation, even other like-affiliated warriors (for example, Templars may attack other Templars).

A player may only be directly attacked if he or she has no warriors in play that are able to be in combat, as normal. Even Tribal warriors may directly attack a player. Therefore, if an opponent has an empty Squad and Kohort, but has a warrior in his or her Outpost, your Squad member may not directly attack the player because he or she has at least one warrior in play.

Any warrior able to cast Art spells may cast them to the benefit of Tribal warriors.

Many cards state that they may be played on a warrior in a Squad or a Kohort, or in the Squad and Kohort itself. Despite the presence of the new Outpost, these designations still apply. If a card may only be played “on a Doomtrooper in a Squad,” it may not be played on a Doomtrooper in your Outpost. But if it says “play on any Doomtrooper” then it may be played on a Doomtrooper in any area.

Cards which affect another card “in play” may still affect that card, even if one or the other is in the Outpost. For example, a BAUHAUS GREAT INFURIOR in a Squad may destroy a Fortification in an Outpost.