Remember, these Optional Rules must be agreed on by all player before they are used in a game. Also, these rules may NOT be used in Tournaments and other “official” games. If you have a cool optional rule, let me know at bryan@thewinternet.com!


As one action, you may discard one card from your hand. This is a nice way to empty those pesky cards out of your hand without being forced to discard them only one at a time.


Here's a nifty way to add a random element to your game. During combat, after all modifers to the combat ratings have been made, roll a 2d6 for each rating and add the result to each rating. So my shooting attacker would roll 2d6 and add its Shoot rating, and another 2d6 and add its Armor rating. The defender does the same. Combat is resolved based on these new modified ratings.

You could also use 3d6, or a d20, or whatever you want. Just remember that multiple 6-siders produce nice bell curves!


When you perform an Add Warzone action, choose an empty portion of the tabletop and place a Warzone card there from your hand. That part of the table is now considered to be that Warzone. When a Warzone is first put into play, there are no warriors within it; they must enter the Warzone later.

Only one copy of each Warzone may be in play at a time.

Your "default" Squad and Kohort are considerd to be on Luna, the Earth's moon. Luna is considered to be a Warzone as well, but it is always considered to be in play, and always available to your warriors. All cards played before a Warzone is added to the game are condsidered to be within the Luna Warzone. Luna is the "general" Warzone, and all warriors battling on luna fight and act as normal. Once your warriors go to the other Warzones, they will be affected in multiple ways.

Warriors may enter a Warzone in one of two ways: by performing a Add Warrior action, or by performing a TRANSFER action. You may perform an Add Warrior action and place the warrior directly from your hand into the Warzone, just like you would Add a Warrior into Luna.

You may perform a Transfer action to move a warrior from one Warzone to another. It costs ONE action to Transfer a regular warrior, it costs TWO actions to Transfer a warrior that has or is considered a Vehicle (even if the warrior is not "inside" the Vehicle). To perform the action, simply spend the action(s) and move your warrior from one warzone to the other.

All warriors in a particular Warzone are ALWAYS affected by the F, S A and V modifiers and any other special effects listed on the Warzone. It does not matter if the warrior is an Attacker or Defender.

Warriors may only combat other warriors within the same Warzone. If two warriors are in different Warzones, they may not attack each other.

A warrior's special ability will still AFFECT other warriors in different Warzones. For example, a VEHUSIAN MARSHAL will still affect all other Bauhaus warriors IN PLAY, no matter where they are on the table.

A warrior may attack during the same turn it enters a Warzone.

You have both a Squad and Kohort in each Warzone in play.

You still may not attack a PLAYER unless that player has no warrior IN PLAY.

You must play Fortifications in a specific Warzone (including Luna). Fortifications must remain within that Warzone; they may not be moved for Transfered. Any Fortification may be added to any Warzone (even though "historically" it may not belong there). A Fortification will only affect warriors within the same Warzone.

Cards that are added to Squads or Kohorts must be added to a specific Warzone, and only affect warriors within that Warzone.

If a Warzone is discarded, all warriors immediately Transfer to Luna (for free) and all other cards within the Warzone are discarded.

Some Cool Optional Rules From Jon Goosens

NAME: Limited Resources
# OF PLAYERS: two or more
PURPOSE OF GAME: to see how well players can think when every move they make REALLY counts.
ADDITIONAL BANNED CARDS: any card that gives a player extra actions (Example: Inspired, Archetypal Timepeice, Grand Assult,Nimrod Autocannon, etc.)Thats why the game is called "LIMITED" resources.

-Each player starts out with 5 destiny, 0 promotion, and 30 markers.
-During your turn you may perform ANY number of actions you wish.
-Only one COMBAT may take place during any turn.(Note only one COMBAT may happen during your turn not one attack action, you cannot attack multiple targets or make more than one attack action)
-The catch is you may only perform 30 total actions in the game, hince the 30 markers you start the game with.
- The game ends when all players are out of actions and the player with the highest promo wins, or when any player exceeds 40 promo.

NAME: Beat Down
PURPOSE OF GAME: If you play someone who says their deck has the perfect offence or defence this rules varient truely tests how well their deck can stand up to a massive onslaught.
ADDITIONAL BANNED CARDS: any card that has the ability to DISCARD or HARM more than one warrior at a time (Example: Annihilate, Eat This!, Wave of Righteousness, etc.) Cards that DISCARD or HARM only ONE warrior at a time are still allowd. Double Duty is Banned.

-Players A and B have regular decks and start out the game as normal.
-Player C sits at the table between players A and B.
-Player C's collection may not contain any WARRIOR CARDS.
-Player C starts out the game with 40V (or less) worth of Warriors already in play.
-Player A may never attack Player B and vice-versa.(A and B may only attack player C.)
-Player C may attack both players A and B freely.
-There are no discard piles in this game, any card that gets DISCARDED is instead ANNIHILATED.
-The game ends when one of two conditions are met:
1.If Player C's last warrior is removed from play then the game ends and Player A or B (whoever has the higher Promotion score) wins.
2.If Player A and B's draw piles are emptied and player C still has at least one warrior in play then player C wins.
-Player C may never win via Promo.

NAME: Front Lines
PURPOSE OF GAME: this is a team game to see whose decks can compliment each other the best.

-Players A and B are team 1, C and D are team 2.
-Each team has a common Promo pool, but a seporate destiny pool.
-Players A and D are called "CAPTAINS", B and C are called "SEARGENTS".
-Captains may never declair attack actions.
-Seargents may never be attacked directly.
-The Captains warriors may only participate in combat if their Seargent has no warriors in play. (Note: if a Seargent has a warrior in play then ALL the Captains warriors MAY NEVER PARTICIPATE IN COMBAT, OR BE IN COVER.)
-The Captain's warriors may never cast combat spells if their Seargent has any warriors in play.
-As one action a warrior may me transfered from captain to seargent, this action forces the warrior into cover.
-As one action a warrior may be transfered from a seargent to a captain, this action does not force the warrior into cover.
-a captain may only be attacked if his seargent has no warriors in play.
-If both the seargent and Captain have no warriors then the captain may be attacked directly.
-first team to 40 promo wins.

NAME: Home Turf Advantage
# OF PLAYERS: 2 or more
PURPOSE OF GAME: This game varient poses the question "if you could only have three fortifications, and warzones in your deck, which three would they be?" it also makes players think about the deployment of their warriors and how to manipulate them.
ADDITIONAL BANNED CARDS: All fortification cards and warzones. Any Special card that gives a player Promo DIRECTLY (Example: Snipers!, Mortal Wound, Sworn Vengence, etc.)

-Each player selects 3 fortification cards to start the game with, they are placed from left to right in front of the player and may never be removed from play.
-Then each player selects one warzone to place in front of each fortification, these also may never be removed from play.
-Finally each player selects one warrior of V:3 or less to place on each fortification (they are considered to be inside each fortification)
-the Fortifications are called "BASES" and the Warzones in front of each are called their "BATTLEFIELD"
-Each base starts out the game with 0 promo, and five destiny is placed on each base.
-Every time a player performs a meditation action each base gains one destiny.
-When a warrior is placed on the table it is paid for and placed on the same base.
-Bases may hold any # of warriors, but each may only hold one affiliation at a time.(Note: the affiliation a base holds is allowd to change.)
-Warriors that are inside bases may only participate in shoot combats, and Gain +3 to A while inside.
-When ever promotion points are earned they are placed directly on the warrior who is responsible for earning them. That warrior is considered to be CARRING the Promo. (note: if destiny is ever earned it is immeaditly transfered to the base the warrior came from.)
-A Warrior may only carry a max of 5 promo (any excess earned is lost)
-Promo must be carried to the base that a warrior comes from and transfered to that base. it costs one action to transfere one promo. The warrior must be INSIDE his base to transfere his carried promo.
-When a base hold 15 promo points it is fliped face down and all of its cards that it brought into play are discarded.(the base no longer affects the game)
-When all three of your bases are face down you win.
-As one action you may move a warrior out of your base and into the battlefield (warzone) that is in front of the base.
-A battlefield may hold any number of warriors.
-A warrior may only move to the warzone that is in front of his base.
-As one action you may bring a warrior back from the battlefield to the base behind it.
-When a warrior in the battlefield is attacked it automatically defends from that battlefield (warzone). The warrior MUST initially defend from that warzone. (Note: after initail defence from a battlefield occures cards may then be used to temporaily change the battlefield the warrior is defending from, if any.)
-if a warrior who is carrying promo is killed,then the player who is responcible for the kill immeaditly gains the points being carried AS DESTINY (placed in the warrior who made the kill's base), in adition to the promo that is now being carried by the killing warrior for that kill. (example: your Mitch Hunter is carrying 4 promo, My Razide manages to kill Mitch, so now the base the Razide came from gains four immeadite DESTINY (from Mitch's promo)and the Razide gains seven points, five are placed on the Razide (remember a warrior can only carry five promo) and the extra two are also immeadiatly transfered to the razide's base, AS DESTINY, since he can't carry the extra promo for killing Mitch.)
-A base only provides its bonus to the warriors who came from it, this rule superseeds what may be written on the card. (example: one of your bases is LUNA, it doesn't give ALL YOUR WARRIORS IN PLAY +1 to A, it only gives this bonus to the warriors in LUNA or LUNA's BATTLEFIELD)
-A Warrior in the base may only attack in shoot combats against warriors in any BATTLEFIELD. (Any warrior killed by a warrior in a base has its modified value droped to two points, so the warrior in the base may only gain two promo to carry)
-Warriors in the BATTLEFIELD may only attack any Warrior who is also in the BATTLEFIELD (fight or shoot) or Shoot at a warrior in a base.(warriors in bases who are shoot at and killed by warriors in the battlefield are worth their regular points, they aren't reduced to two points.)
-Each base is considered a seporite squad and kohort so cards that affect a "squad" only affect their BASE's "squad" (Example: any Seargent from the Warzone expansion only affects a "squad" so they only affect their Base's "squad", However a Zenithian Slaughtermaster who affect all Soulslayers "in play" affect ALL THREE BASES(and every other base "IN PLAY")
-If a base has no warriors in its base or Battlefield then an opponent may, as one action, send one of his warriors to "invade" that players empty battlefield.(it costs one action to return an "invading" warrior to its battlefield.)
-as an attack action an "Invading" warrior may steal 1/2 his modified V worth of promo from the base (round down) and transfere it all immediatly to his base AS DESTINY or carry it back as promo (max of five).
-only one enemy warrior may "Invade" a battlefield at a time.
-If a player has been "Invaded" he may still add warriors to his invaded base, however he cannot move his warriors out of his base to the "invaded" battlefield until he shoots out the "invading" warrior (or the "invading" warrior just leaves).
-If one of a player's Battlefields has been "invaded" he may shoot with any of his warriors in his base, or fight/shoot with any warrior in one of his "un-invaded" battlefields at the "invading" warrior.
-warriors may not be moved left and right between bases, or between battlefields.
-You may only attach cards to your warriors when they are in one of your bases. (cards attached to opposing warriors may be attached to them at anywhere)
-AND FINALLY! the three fortifications/warzones/warriors of V:3 or less you start the game with cannot be the same ones. (example: you may not start out with 3 industrial complexes, or two mortificators, etc.

NAME: The Vortex.
# OF PLAYERS: 2 or more.
PURPOSE: this rules varient is to be used to keep the balance of power in a Doomtrooper game constantly shifting.

RULES: -(Draw Phase) The game starts with all players drawing 12 cards into their hands.
-Next randomly determine who goes first.
-(Deployment Phase)Starting with the first player each player has one oppertunity to place any one base or attachement card to their squad or kohort at no action or destiny cost.
-The placement of one card for free continues around clockwise until all players have played EVERY BASE OR ATTACHMENT CARD FROM THEIR HANDS POSSIBLE (even if this means giving cards to you opponent) For example: If I have two Pretorian Behemoths, three Hellhound Necrotanks, and four Suicide Missions in my hand I MUST give one Hellhound and two Suicide missions to my opponents' warriors if it is legally possible (if there are no other dark legion warriors in play to put the hellhound on then it is perfectly legal to keep it in hand since IT IS NOT POSSIBLE TO PUT IT INTO PLAY.)
-(Action Phase)After all base/attachment cards that are possible to play ar in play, starting with the first player, each player may perform three actions like in a regular game.
-(Revealment Phase)When the last player has performed his last action and indicates he is finished all players reveal the cards that are left in hand to all players.
-Any player that has secretly kept a card that could have been legally played during the Deployment phase (like the suicide missions form the above example.) has his promotion points reduced to zero and destiny pool emptied, this is to punish them for cheating.(if a player placed a base card during the Deployment Phase and later that card was forced back into his hand and then he reveals it during the Revealment Phase it DOES NOT COUNT AS CHEATING, because he DID place it origionally during the Deployment Phase.)
-(Vortex Phase)After all players are checked for cheating all players then take all the cards left in hand and still in play and shuffle them back into their owners draw piles, discard piles stay put.
-Then all players return to the Draw Phase by drawing 12 cards and randomly determining who goes first again.
-This process repeats until one player exceeds 40 promo.The game doesn't end when a player runs out of cards, that unfortunate player just sits back with his current promotion points and wait for someone to win or all players runout of card and the player with the highest promo wins.

-DRAW PHASE- draw 12 card and determine 1st player.
-DEPLOYMENT PHASE- all base/attachments are added for free.
-ACTION PHASE- players get 3 actions.
-REVEALMENT PHASE- cheaters are punished.
-VORTEX PHASE- hands and cards in play are reshuffled into draw.
-RETURN TO DRAW PHASE- repeat turn sequence.
-(the is no discard phase in this type of game)-

NAME: Colonization
# OF PLAYERS: 2 to 4
PURPOSE: this game varient is supposed to represent the Mutant Chronicles story line in the time when all of the Megacorps were rushing off of earth and into the reaches of space in order to claim territory, and in this varient the focus of the game is to dominate and control as much of the solar system as posible.

RULES: -The playfield consists of five planets arranged like this:

  (Mercury)-------(Asteroid belt)----------(Venus)  
                  (Earth, Dark Eden)

-Each of the "Planets" contains the following warzones:

Phobos & Deimos
McCraig Line
Great Rust Dsrt

Asteriod Settlemnt
Infested Asteriod
No-Mans Land

Merc. Diamond Cavern
Citodel Sanctum
Shinrikyo Underworld
Crater of Anatholia

Venus. Jungle
Helstrom Mtn.
Sacred Outpost
Graveton Arch.

-The Out Post (Dark Eden) has no warzones.
-The warzones on each planet may NEVER be removed from play.
-Each player starts out with 5-D 0-Promo and 0-CP (Colony points).
-A player may NEVER win via Promotion points, but they are still recorded
-In order to win a player must start out his turn with 26 or more CP.
-At the beginning of each player's turns that player totals up the number of "+X"s on every warzone he currently controls (X is the modifier to V that each warzone provides) this total is that player's current total of Colony Points (CP).If that total equals or exceeds 26 that player wins.
-In order to "Control" a warzone a player must have a warrior he controls on that warzone.
-Only one player may control any one warzone at a time.(2 players can't control the same warzone)
-No more than 3 warzones on the same planet may ever be controled by the same player. A player may NEVER control all four warzones on a planet.
-When the game starts each player starts out already in control of one random warzone in the ASTEROID BELT "planet".
-Base and Attachement cards may only be played on a Warzone that the player controls. If a player controls no warzones then he may play the card on Earth.
-No player can control Earth. If there is only one player who has a warrior on Earth at the beginning of a turn then earth is worth +6 CP. If more than one player has a warrior on Earth then Earth is worth +0 CP
-As one action a warrior may me transfered to an uncontroled warzone on the same planet. As two actions a warrior may be transfered to an Uncontroled warzone on an adjacent "Planet" (see the playfield chart at the top of this to see which planets are adjacent designated by a "---" Warriors may also be transfered to warzones their player already controls. Warriors may NEVER be transfered on the first turn of the game
-A player may transfer any number of warriors he controls per turn, However the same warrior may NEVER be transfered more than once between his player's draw phases.
-Any number of warriors that are controled by the same player may occupie the same warzone.
-If a player transferes his last warrior off a warzone he controls then he no longer controls that warzone.
-If a warrior is transfered to a previously controled warzone of another player that still has non-warrior base/attachement cards on that warzone then all of those cards are discarded.
-Each "Planet" is considered a seporate "In Play"
-Any card that effects all of something "In Play" are now replaced with the text: "In Play of a Planet" (Example: "Strategic Bombing" discards all industrials and factories in play" now says: "Discard all Industrials and Factories in play ON A PLANET" so you strategically bomb MARS or MERCURY, not every planet.
-You may only play cards to effect anything on a planet if you have a warrior on the planet in question.(you can affect anything on a planet unless someone is there to perform your dirty work! Example: you can't "surprise invasion!" my industrial complex on the McCraig Line unless you have a warrior on MARS to do the "Surprise Invasion!")
-Cards that are used on one planet may only effect cards on the same planet. (Example: my Unholy Caronade on MARS cannot be used to blow up fortifications all the way over on MERCURY)
-Each warzone on a planet is considered a seporate Squad and Kohort.
-Any card that effects all of something "in its Squad" only effect that type of something in the same warzone's squad.(Example: I place a "Squadron Commander" on the McCraig Line and assign him to clansmen, my clansman on the Great Rust Desert doesn't gain the Seargeant's bonus, unless I spend one action to transfer the Sergeant from the McCraig Line to the Great Rust Desert to help there.


-Each Planet has it's own set of rules:

- While warriors are on the Dark Eden they obey all the rules that are stated in the PARIDISE LOST EXPANSION, except for the rule that says if a player has a warrior in the outpost every player must immediatly send a warrior to the outpost.
- Earth is worth +6 CP if only one player has warriors on it. If more than one player has warriors on EARTH it is worth +0 CP.

- Warriors in the ASTEROID BELT may never participate in fight combats (their in outerspace!) only shoot combats may take place here.
- Warriors in the ASTEROID BELT can shoot and be shot at by any legal warrior on an adjacent planet.

- Doomtroopers may attack other Doomtroopers from the same Corperation while on Mars (Brotherhood warriors may not attack Brotherhood).
- Any warriors of base V:4 or less killed during combat on MARS are shuffled back into their owners draw piles (unless annihilated)

- It takes two actions to transfer any warrior into, out of, or inside VENUS.
- If a citodel of "Apostle"(Example: "Citodel of Demnogonis") is added to a warzone in VENUS then non-personality followers of that "Apostle" can be added to that warzone at no D cost while that citodel is in play.

- Any warrior on a warzone in MERCURY may perform a seek cover action to give their controler 3D, this is called a "Mining Action" but is technically still a seek cover action and can be effected by cards that effect seeking cover. This is not considered meditating
- Any warrior who seeks cover on MERCURY gains +5 to A instead of +3.


-Doomtroopers may never occupie the Citodel Sanctum on MERCURY (the Sanctum is worth "+6" to V in the Colony game rather than "x2")
-The Dark Legion may never occupie the Sacred Outpost on VENUS
-If a player's draw pile runs out of cards then that player immediatly shuffles their discards piles back into a new draw pile.